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I have several for-fun projects here:

EL/EN Converter

If you write in both Greek and English keyboards, you might often forget to switch them before typing resulting in a frustrating error. For example typing with the wrong keyboard selected could create 'ξθστ τηισ' instead of 'just this' or 'den j;erv' instead of 'δεν ξέρω'. To solve this issue, simply run the AutoHotKey script in the background. When you type using the wrong keyboard setting, press ctrl-g or ctrl-shift-g to replace the text with what you meant to write. No more deleting the last line you typed! Converter in action


A python script to copy the host file from and update your machine's local hosts file. Using the hosts file to point specific url's to or an arbitrary ip not only saves bandwidth by avoiding transferring any data from the the url, but also serves as another layer of security. @DanPollock maintains a current list of suspicious and advertising data collection url's on his fantastic website listed above. Use this script to keep your hosts file up to date.